Despite of the fact that an average hosting account is generally created automatically, there are always small setup tasks that are executed manually by the hosting service provider. Setting up a virtual or a dedicated server usually takes even additional efforts because a lot of time is spent to install and set up the software and hardware platform, and after that test the machine to guarantee its optimal operation before it's handed over to the client. To help cover the time spent on that, a number of suppliers have an installation charge that you will be required to pay every time you order your new hosting plan. In many cases, that fee won't appear prior to reaching the payment page and you won't notice it before that on the main page near the website hosting plan features. In the general case, this cost is one-time and it may range from a small to a significant amount of money depending upon the company.

Setup Fee in Hosting

Our company does not charge anything over the price of the Linux hosting that you choose, thus you will not be required to pay any sort of set-up costs or any other costs except for what you have already seen on our main page. We consider that being honest to our customers is of key importance to developing a long-term business relationship, that's why we will never expect you to pay hidden charges of any type, especially for something that's almost completely automated and usually requires several min to be completed by our system. You will not pay set-up costs even if you buy numerous accounts plus they will all be completely active instantly, so that you'll be able to start taking care of your web sites. The total amount that you'll have to pay for any of our packages is the very same that you will see on the main page.

Setup Fee in Semi-dedicated Hosting

All of our semi-dedicated server plans are activated straight away and without any additional installation charges. The price that you will pay when signing up is exactly the same that you will pay to renew your hosting account the subsequent months and the price that you will see both on our front page & on your bank statement. In the event that you currently have an ordinary shared hosting plan with our company and you are getting a semi-dedicated server so as to get more power, we'll move all your data and we will still not charge you anything in addition to the regular monthly charge for the brand new package. As the process is virtually entirely automated, we consider that that there would be no reason to charge you a further amount of money, so the price that you will see on our web site is all that you need to spend.